no longer strangers

No Longer Strangers is a rope act created and performed by Natalie Oleinik and Joachim Ciocca

Technical informations

Vertical rope duo

time: 7 minutes
Technical requirements: 

a point of attachment at a minimum of 7.5m

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Winner of Young Stage International Festival in Basel 2019, Switzerland
Cirque du Soleil prize for "Artistic Vision and Innovation"
Palazzo Colombino prize

Winner of the National Theatre Special Prize at Budapest Circus Festival 2020

"Then, a rope brings together two beings who have only one life .
The guide, for a moment, binds to a stranger who will become a friend.

When two beings share the best and the worst, they are no longer strangers".

Gaston Rébuffat

Upcoming dates
Helveticus, Zürich March-april 2023


Credit Photos: Pablo Wünsch Blanco. International festival Young Stage 2019