joachim ciocca / biography

Joachim Ciocca

is a circus artist and dancer from Geneva.

He began circus at eight years old and started unicycle competitions at fourteen. At the unicycle world championship he won bronze silver and gold medals. In 2007 he worked with circus Starlight on tour all around Switzerland. From 2008 to 2011 he studies at the National circus school in Montreal where he developed a solid technical base in movement and several circus disciplines. Having worked with multi-disciplinary companies like Elastic Theater and Alias dance company, he had the chance to enlarge his personal movement language. He’s main focus is to combine dance with acrobatics, vertical rope and unicycle in order to connect circus and dance.

His previous work with the dance company Idem, ADN dialect and the circus company the 7 fingers in a dance-circus show choreographed by Marcos Morau (La Veronal) and his current work with the dance company Sundora&Dgendu allows him to deepen this research even more.

In 2017, he created his company Insaisissable. He is know in production of his third piece Losing Ground.

Insaisissable / Company description


The company Insaisissable was created in 2017 by Joachim Ciocca and aims to connect circus, dance and theater in contemporary writing accessible to all.

Strong of the show Insaisissable mixing unicycle and contemporary dance and No long strangers, A vertical rope duo created and performed with Natalie Oleinik, the company created this year the show Losing Ground whose first performances were given at Benno Besson theater in Yverdon in February 2020.